You know they’re important to you. You still have them, don’t you? You feel you can’t part with them because it would betray family history or even close the door on your own past. Whatever the reason, your photographs are screaming for help. When that happens give us a call. We’re pros at photo restoration.

Another factor that will kill most prints is the paper they are printed on. We say most because most are printed on regular photographic paper which are ever so slightly acidic. This will actually eat your print from underneath even if you took the time to put them carefully in an acid free photo album.  Your parents/grandparents would have needed the foresight to print on rag paper which is acid free and museum grade. We call is rag paper because it is made with cotton fibers with no wood pulp in it. The drawback? It’s way more expensive than regular paper and not everyone offered it. Still today, few establishments offer it and it is definitely a ‘special request’ item.


sweet adelines 1956 image restoration


Once we go through the process of restoring your image we, by proxy stop the carnage. You will get back your image and it will still disintegrate  at the same rate it did before, but now you will have a new printed copy, repaired of all the burn marks, folds, water stains, etc. It will be printed with archival inks which should last about 75 years if properly cared for. With request we can also print on rag mat. You will also receive a digital copy of your image which will last forever.

How much will all this cost? We have no idea until we see the image in question. There are different rates of decay, some require more work than others. Not every photograph can be helped. Truthfully, some are too far gone to save. Historical accuracy is what we are aiming for.

As always, our work is regularly archived. We can replace what you may loose.