Dan Favarger

My name is Dan Favarger and welcome to my bio.

In school they informed me never to write repetitively, but bios always have lots of “I this” and “I that”. When researching how to write a bio, everyone stressed that it was lame to write about myself in 3rd person – when everyone really knows it’s me writing it.

So, I’ll tell you what the those in my life would say. My lovely wife admires me for my ability to say sentences that have never before been uttered in the English language. We like our coffee and tea the same way. She eats muffin bottoms and I prefer the crusty tops. I buy her chocolate for no reason. Ergo, she thinks I’m perfect. I’m not allowed to have my office in my studio as between shooting and editing, she fears she’d never see me.

My kids once thought I knew it all. Then they thought I knew nothing. Now are getting to the age where I’m getting smarter again. They would say I’m calm for a high strung guy when really I’m just energetic and goal driven. They think I don’t work. They are sure my studio is a building that emits flashing lights. I cook. They eat. They dislike posing for me, but enjoy the results.

My cat is part dog. He is my little white shadow. If asked, my cat would say sometimes let him starve. He lies. We discuss his inability to read a clock. He purrs when I talk. He would also agree that I am the best ear skritcher and cat wrestler in the house. He barely tolerates my photography.

My mother was amazed that I actually became a responsible adult. She always bragged about me to her friends. She thought I was a dentist. My father thinks I’m Joseph Karch. I think he has an “Ernest Hemingway” thing going on. We can live with this.

Though my clients know me mostly for capturing terrific family portraits, headshots, and darling images of baby’s first pose, I’ve been known to shoot pin ups and nudes. Therefore my friends think I am Hugh Hefner. I do nothing to correct them as Hugh is a classier fellow than the internal loonytunes character I am. In my downtime and digital darkroom I wear pajama bottoms.

My neighbors rely on me to know what day the garbage goes out. More of a homebody, I get asked to watch their houses when they go on vacation. I’ll talk to you over the fence and even mow your lawn if you’re not around to do it. As for me actually going on vacation, I’ve been all over Canada and lived in many provinces.  My verdant, natural island paradise is my permanent vacation. I love all the seasons.

My clients think my studio is beautiful. It’s comfy, warm and roomy enough to shoot huge family portraits, They envy that I get to commute to my back yard. Everyone sees a guy who enjoys running a boutique studio and understands how people get shy in front of the lens. They enjoy quick, professional results that they feel proud to display. They trust me.