“The song has ended, but the memory lingers on.” – Irving Berlin

We know they’re important to you. They are precious enough to you that you’ve held onto them through all that life has given you. Maybe you’ve inherited them and are now the custodian of your family heritage? Angel Studio honours those who are not forgotten, but perhaps have faded, been folded, torn, have flaked or otherwise been abused over the years. We’re all about preserving your memories whether they’ll be happening next week or 100 years ago.

Below is a photo that while properly framed received bleaching from being displayed where direct sunshine fell upon it. We adjust colours and contrast. It’s not just turning up the dial though. Colours and highlights must be real and not over exposed. That takes a bit of massaging. When it looks like it’s 1980 again, we’ve done our job.


The beginning of the process starts with a non-destructive scan. Our equipment can handle any size. This gives us a digital file of remarkable resolution that gets us down to the individual pixel. And that’s where the fun is!  Once this part is done, we can return the photograph to you. We now have all we need to proceed to the next step.

Assessing your digitized photograph is the next step. There is software that promises it can fix your photos, but at this stage of the game the AI is pretty weak. To do it right, we need to roll up our sleeves. 

Folds are the most obvious flaws and are kryptonite to a photograph! Turns out we eat kryptonite!

Down in the world of individual pixels, what we find is flaws! There could be thousands of them! This is not unusual for a 50 year old photograph. They show up as imperceptible scuffs, scratches in all sizes and small specks of white where the photograph itself flaked off.

Every time a loose photo slides across something a flaw could be born. All these flaws work together to reduce a formerly crisp and vibrant photograph. There is only one way to correct this and that’s usually one ‘speck’ and scratch at a time.


Congratulations! No matter what happens now, you have stopped the aging process with an old memory!

Photo restoration is not for every photo you own. It’s for those special photos you love and can’t bear to say good-bye to. We work for $35/hr. Once scanned and assessed we can give you a ballpark idea of costs. In the end you walk away with a new print created with archival inks to replace the old one. Regular print prices apply. Please see price list. We also furnish you with two full resolution files – before and after to show you what you’ve paid for. You also get your photograph in a ready-for-web format for sharing right away online. At Angel Studio all work is archived in case you lose your copies. We do it right!